Grandfather Inspires Simple Actions!

•   Do a kindness daily and tell no one about it.
•   Send a blessing daily to 3 people you dislike.
•   Don’t discuss your plans with anyone, work them out yourself.
•   Express Gratitude for the many good things that come to you.
•   Express happiness at all times.
•   Do not show temper. Always be inwardly poised, patient and tolerant.
•   Do not say anything unkind to anyone or about anyone.
•   Wear a sincere smile.
•   Do not find fault, Intensify good.
•   Always give “better than the best” of yourself in every phase of life.

The Time to Live is NOW!

"All the riches you need in the world are yours at this instant.

They await only your acceptance."
-Raymond Charles Barker

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Do you ever think about how you will be remembered?

The opportunity to confront “the meaning of life” was suddenly thrust upon me, at the age of six, at the passing of my beloved grandfather.  To a young person the idea of mortality carries a dramatic wake-up.  At the beginning of life, who thinks about the end?  Luckily appreciation for “every moment” became my life's passion.          

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Remember, the villain is a busy mind that lacks focus!  The hero is clarity of vision!   Acquiring simple observation skills towards refinement of “the moment” is a powerful dynamic towards a life of splendor by encouraging the "creativity" to live productively and successfully.

Enjoy our featured videos, lyrics, philosophies, and positive stories to encourage "the present."  As one of my heroes would quote:  "All the riches you need in the world are yours at this instant!  They await only your a\cceptance." - Raymond Charles Barker     

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Elton John

"The Circle of Life"

Lionel Ritchie

The World Needs Love”

Elvis Presley
“Amazing Grace”

Barbra Streisdand
"On A Clear Day"

Celine Dion
"Power of The Dream"

Willie Nelson 
"On The Sunny Side of the Street"

Bobby McFerrin Sings Bob Marley's 
"Don't Worry, Be Happy"