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What makes you feel free?

Too often we take our freedoms for granted, because we have known no other, after all ... "Can a man whose warm understand one whose freezing?" - Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Take his story to heart!   Alexander Solzhenitsyn  struggled against the oppressive regime of Joseph Stalin and, after writing a critical letter in 1945, was arrested and spent ten years in the hard labour camps of Siberia, hauling logs and laying bricks.   In order to survive and maintain sanity, prisoners devised small grueling competitions like gaining an extra bowl of grass soup. 

That story of gruesome survival, and struggle, were not all in vain as that game of ingenuity devised by prisoners gave the will to live.   

These material hardships eventually gained Solzhenitsyn the title of “first successful Soviet literary author of post-Stalin era” by cultivating a political sensation abroad and in the Soviet Union, depicted in his first book “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.” 

Be reminded that each day we are welcomed with the sunrise shining above and setting each day and this makes us feel free!   Don't forget to be aware ... Here