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Enchanting Lyrics. Heartfelt Stories.. Insightful Philosophies...

​​Finding Inspiration!

Keep learning alive to stay young and magnetic ... investigate inventions, technology.  See the  ingenuity of those who "thought outside the box!"    

Art of Inspiration. 
Think of your life as a biography and keep adding to the illustrative pages.  See your story flower as you add visual beauty and high-minded ideas to your wonderment.     

Challenge Yourself.
Spotlight your personal accomplishments, then choose your favorites!  Relish Your Best! 

Exercise Once A Day. 
Create ONE amazing moment per day the rest
of your life.  Think about it, 365 celebrations chalk
up to 3,650 over a lifetime!   

Find Solitude.
To be in the moment, get in the mood here!
Practice Often to the Serenity of Enya 

Share Inspirations!

I Know I Can. 
Remember "The Little Engine That Could?"  "I Think
I Can, I Know I Can!"  Tackle obstacles with this chant!    

Make Up Your Own Mind. 
Friends & family can discourage you without meaning
to.   In this instance, do your homework!  Then pursue your dreams with powerful conviction!

Just a Hug. 
Maybe it sounds old-fashioned but a supportive hug is always profound and healing!

A Story of Inspiration to Share!
For many years a wonderful mother was bed ridden, needed oxygen, a nebulizer, drugs and was plagued with emphysema, millions of physical problems.  Her son asked if she still wanted to live? 

Her immediate reply:  "Happiness is all about your internal life not what's on the outside.  As long as I can enjoy listening to my portable radio, watch some TV and re-live my memories, I am happy." 

Her son produced a song in celebration of this impressive spirit!  
Margot's Song A True Love Story

Treasure & Learn From Those you Love!