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Laughter Makes a Difference!

Are you familiar with the english comic, John Cleese? 

Share his journey to visit Dr. Kataria in Mumbai, India, to see how laughter through eye-to-eye contact brings people closer!  Listen to one of the world's funniest comedians from "Faulty Towers" whooping it up on the streets of Bombay and in the prisons!  
Yes, institutional laughter heals!

We recommend that our readers consider how YOU can mastermind laughter every day!  

Start by choosing your special symbol!   Here's a giggle that got 113 million hits!   
Tune In!

Daily Laughter is Your Best Medicine!

Laughter is Your Best Medicine!

Clowns are inspired to create laughter! Generally, behind a clown's painted face is a shy person who has an extroverted personality. Clowns and doctors are merchants of good health, as they both share the goal of healing.

Clowns & Doctors, a powerful healing team, to be valued & respected! If you believe in laughter and, do it more often, you will be blessed with better health.

The ‚Äč‚ÄčNational Cancer Institute reports 1 in 5 clinics offer "Laughter" as complementary therapy to traditional medicine.

Sit back for a minute and laugh along with Dr. Madan Kataria "The Laughter Yoga!"Give Yourself a Break & Laugh!